CSE in practice – Consultancy case: Recommendations for implementing CSE
Adaptive Leadership for Transforming Business

By following this course, you have the chance to develop the following competences:

Personal and professional skills

  • Embracing ambiguity, uncertainty and risk
  • Capable of creating a vision and strategy for long term resilience
  • Proactively seeking to revisit, recombine and transform knowledge and practice to develop transdisciplinary solutions for complex problems
  • Understanding the need for continuous learning
  • Ability to uphold mutual trust, transparency and integrity

CSE core skills

  • Shaping the corporate identity and the need for change
  • Being sensitive: enacting a good ‘radar’ system of timely alerts on deviations, current and future developments and threats to internal and external matters
  • Being responsive: enacting innovative solutions for a changing environment and developing core capabilities to adapt to new circumstances
  • Being connective: proactively seeking new connections and facilitating collaborations (networks, themes, societal challenges, stakeholders)
  • Facilitating collective sense-making, shared awareness and perspectives
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