Intermediate Corporate Social Entrepreneurship: from CSR to CSE


About Course

What Will You Learn?

  • Understand the theoretical foundations of CSR – Shareholder Value Theory, Stakeholder Theory, Corporate Social Performance Theory and Corporate Citizenship Theory
  • In depth understanding of CSE is and it's foundation in CSR
  • Understand and evaluate the corporate environment and its position in the wider political, economic and developmental context and it's suitability for CSE
  • Understand and evaluate the social enterprise environment
  • Understand the building blocks that facilitate the development of CSE in a corporate setting
  • Develop knowledge of the key stakeholders / influencers in each organisational setting (corporate and social enterprise)

Course Content

CSE Introduction and Theoretical Framework
This learning unit aims to develop students’ understanding of the conception, practices, and criticisms of corporate social entrepreneurship (CSE). Focusing on the wider political, economic, and developmental context in which CSE has emerged and is practiced. It will focus on the origins of CSE from Corporate Social Responsibility including philanthropy, enterprise and profit, social enterprise, and social entrepreneurship.

Distinctive Characteristics of CSE – Practical Requirements for the Corporate
This learning unit take a practical approach focusing on elaborating the distinctive characteristics of CSE and the practical requirements for the corporate to engage in Corporate Social Entrepreneurship.

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