CSE in practice – Consultancy case: Recommendations for implementing CSE
Adaptive Leadership for Transforming Business

Corporate Social Entrepreneurship (CSE) is born out of the need to change current business mind-sets and practice.  Businesses are faced with multiple challenges and demands from governments, regulating agencies, consumers, employees, competitors, changing technologies, depleting resources, etc. This module offers theories and tools to support organizations address complex challenges. Adaptive leadership is about responding adequately to dynamic contexts. Increasingly, we face problems that are intractable and cannot be solved within a discipline, a department or an organization. These problems are connected to other problems. Proposed solutions always raise new problems. Such problems are called wicked problems. They come in many shapes and sizes:

– Global geopolitical shifts (China, Russia, European Union).

– Governments (lack of citizen participation, overlapping departments and levels of government, poor regional cooperation).

– Cities (mass tourism, pollution, traffic pressure) and rural areas (lagging, poverty, aging).

– Companies and institutions (inward focus, slowness in innovation, shortages in adequately skilled personnel, difficult cooperation internally and externally, burnout and bureaucracy).

-Interconnectedness of economic, ecological and social dimensions of social challenges as migration, energy transition, climate change, pandemics, etc.

Complexity theories offer a new leadership paradigm for policy and strategic action for such problems: dealing differently with change, planning, organizing, leading and collaborating. The theory stimulates to look beyond the boundaries of one’s own specialty, department or organization and to cooperate more interdisciplinary. Less bureaucracy and regulation and more self-organization based on simple principles. Less ad hoc solutions and more systemic change. More opportunities for creativity and innovation. More opportunities to design new resilient ecosystems

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