Introduction to CSE and project management course
Impact Experience Design (IED)
The learning unit introduces the importance of experience design to achieve impactful solutions. As described in CSE competencies ¨Facilitating thinking outside the box¨ is precisely one of the biggest needs of our Century. Innovative solutions came from innovative ideas and to do so, fostering creativity and collaboration among transdisciplinary perspectives needs to be encouraged. The learning unit tends to embrace creative thinking and innovation to learn how to recognize the difficulties of CSE projects and provide innovative and efficient solutions by identifying the interrelationship between social entrepreneurship and the design thinking methodology.
Social Business Finance
This learning unit introduces learners to Social Finance and the social economy. The focus of this learning unit is to understand the opportunities of Social Entrepreneurship, Social Business, and Non-Profit-Organizations. Competition among different actors is high, and communication has changed through digital transformation. Marketing strategies have become key points in reaching target audiences and funds. Apart from focusing on the social business economy, the module aims for the students to develop their skills in Marketing. As defined in the CSE Personal & Professional Skills ¨Creating a vision based on anticipated futures¨ including strategy for achieving long-term resilience, the three elements highlighted embrace the initiative (vision) the application (strategy), and the stability (resilience). Furthermore, students will acquire knowledge about accounting concepts and principles of different types of financial statements through examples located in sustainable social business.
Introduction to CSE Project management
• Incorporate digital tools and best practices to improve the work dynamic of the Startup. • Internal plan, compiling a plan that includes risk, time, monitoring, and evaluation strategy
Business Ethics and Intercultural management
• Intercultural SWOT analysis • Intercultural plan management • Brand strategy and long-term objectives.
CSE and project management

Social Corporate Entrepreneurship involves different principles and ambitions.

The World British Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) considers that sustainable development is „necessary to integrate social and environmental issues in parallel with a number of economic considerations, to ensure a long-term vision” (Garriga, Mele, 2004). Sustainable development includes human rights, transparency, and dialogue between stakeholders, other interests, and social rights (Mitra, C., & Borza, A. 2010).  How design thinking principles can be applied to the CSE of your Enterprise?

Firstly, we need to understand where we are and where we want to go, and, for doing so, the first step will be to name which are the challenges and needs your project has. The first step in every project is to define the framework, although, to do so deep research beforehand should be carried out to understand the needs of the community or final users. The term Community comes from Latin – communitas– and describes a group of people who shares similar features whether by origin, ethnicity, neighborhood, values, language, etc. Based on the definition above, the magnitude of the community could be immense. The difficulty radices in how to successfully reach a community by our actions. 

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