How to be a Crypto Trader With an Automated Trading Bot

As a result, acquiring skills such as risk management and selling focus is essential. In the cryptocurrency market, there are two trading research techniques. To optimize profits, a combination of both techniques is ideal.

You may also monitor personalized trades and send impulses manually. As opposed to other robots, BinanceBot ideal for a secure enterprise network. It supports numerous exchanges which include Binance, Altrady, FTX, Bybit, and Kraken. This bot can generate a strategy based on over 20 signs, reducing the risks involved.

Here is a comprehensive and simplified guide to help navigate this evolving landscape effectively. It is crucial to realize that India has seen an increase in the number of individuals working in this field. In the final six months of 2017, there was a 290% growth in the percentage of people engaged in crypto-related activities.

  • Investors seek the lowest trading costs for stablecoins and other cryptocurrencies.
  • Day trading is a type of cryptocurrency trading that is similar to the stock market in conventional banking.
  • Naturally, Indian investors are looking at global trends to bank on.
  • In general, investors buy crypto assets because they believe the price will rise over time.

Trading volumes on Bitcoin are very high, and they vary across exchanges. Cryptocurrency prices are more volatile than any other asset class, and this presents an opportunity for traders who have knowledge of the market. It is also very likely that businesses will be able to seek bitcoin exchange licenses in India. The law has not yet been passed, although it is anticipated that it will.

Step 1: Understand and allocate the investment

In a little more than a decade, cryptocurrencies have become a household area of interest. Some are now coming to see cryptocurrency as an alternative global currency that will eventually replace sovereign currencies. To contact the Express Deals team, please drop an email to –
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You must have the right cryptocurrency day trading strategy and understanding of fundamental and technical analysis. Most intraday traders rely on technical analysis to build the right trading ideas. In the realm of personal finance, Indians have exhibited a gradual yet significant increase in their interest in investing and wealth creation. Traditionally, the stock market has been a popular avenue for traders and investors. You need a cryptocurrency exchange to buy and sell crypto coins to own a cryptocurrency. Once you’ve chosen a business, you’ll need to fund your account to begin trading cryptocurrencies.

This wallet is not a physical wallet but a software program specially designed to store cryptocurrencies. And only a small percentage of the portfolio shall be allocated to such risky avenues of investment. Given India’s classification of the sector under PMLA ambit, a compliant exchange is a must.

Crypto Trading Strategies

You’ll need to be able to monitor the market constantly and react quickly to changing conditions. This can be stressful and time-consuming, and may not be suitable for everyone. Learning to trade cryptocurrency, especially in Mumbai can be challenging, but it is not necessarily hard to learn. Like any skill, it requires time, dedication, and practice to become proficient. Users can easily convert fiat money to cryptocurrency or vice versa with an exchange platform.

How to Make Profits by Trading Crypto

On February 1st of 2022, the govt recognised crypto as “virtual digital assets” and offered particular tax arrangements. Once your account is funded with a reasonable amount, you can now start trading. To begin with, pick and research various cryptocurrencies to invest in. You can visit websites like CoinMarketCap ( to get a list of the safest options available in the market. One also needs to take extreme precautions before investing in poop coins like ShibaINU, Dogecoin, etc.

However , not necessarily ideal if you’re fresh to the crypto world. For many investors, it is almost synonymous with ‘cryptocurrency’. However, many other cryptocurrencies have performed much better than the largest one.

If you have the right cryptocurrency day trading strategy, you should have no problem. Similar to traditional stock trading, crypto trading requires a trading account on a crypto exchange platform. Establishing such an account enables users to place buy or sell orders, which are matched with other traders on the platform. Price movements in the crypto market are influenced by supply and demand dynamics, mirroring the behavior of traditional financial markets.

The process typically involves providing your personal information and verifying your identity under advanced KYC norms. You will need to link your bank account to the exchange to deposit or withdraw funds. With the bitcoin company changing at such a fast pace, it is critical to stay current on recent developments and noteworthy trends.

This may require linking one’s bank account to make the transactions, In and out of the Crypto trading app. Cryptocurrency trading is the exchange of digital currency between traders. The fluctuations caused by supply and demand allow traders to profit from it. Cryptocurrency trading is both risky and rewarding due to its volatility. Day trading in the cryptocurrency market is especially profitable as cryptocurrencies are quite volatile.

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