Welcome to the CSELab
The CSELab is an open and collaborative online portal providing access to insights and learning pathways for industry and academia to embrace skills and competencies in Corporate Social Entrepreneurship(CSE). By accessing the portal users can leverage the content and tools to assist their understanding of CSE as they progress along their career paths.
The portal contains free to access training resources across four pillars from a novice to expert level enabling the user to build their knowledge and understanding of best practices in CSE. The pathways are designed for self-paced learning. Within the portal the user can access case studies, handbooks, infographics and tools. New knowledge and training resources will be added, including a facility for external “moderated” content to be included in the portal in the future.
The CSELab is funded by the EU Commission funded Embrace Project – KA2 – Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices – Knowledge Alliance.
All registered users are welcome to participate in discussions here on Forum. If You wish to learn and share material - You are welcome to do that in Library!

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