CSE Introduction and Theoretical Framework
This learning unit aims to develop students’ understanding of the conception, practices, and criticisms of corporate social entrepreneurship (CSE). Focusing on the wider political, economic, and developmental context in which CSE has emerged and is practiced. It will focus on the origins of CSE from Corporate Social Responsibility including philanthropy, enterprise and profit, social enterprise, and social entrepreneurship.
Distinctive Characteristics of CSE – Practical Requirements for the Corporate
This learning unit take a practical approach focusing on elaborating the distinctive characteristics of CSE and the practical requirements for the corporate to engage in Corporate Social Entrepreneurship.
Intermediate Corporate Social Entrepreneurship: from CSR to CSE

Launch your CSE Communication Campaign

Creating and delivering on a communication strategy is potentially the most important part of your CSE plan. 

Launhing the CSE plan should be done as effectively as possible, so it resonates and is seen as a strategic initiative of the organisation. The CSE launch needs to be communicated clearly to the right stakeholders; this includes: 

  • Employees
  • Shareholders or investors
  • External stakeholders, partners, & local communities
  • Press 
  • Customers 
  • Social media followers

Make sure that each of these groups has a clear communication plan and priority so that the CSE initiative launches with maximum impact. For example, employees need to know the initiative will work before your fans and followers.

Tailor the messages to each constituent group.  If you have decided to partner with another organisation, invite them to participate in person for a launch or to issue their own press release at the same time.

Remember to follow up with progress on your CSE objectives regularly.  Highlight successes.  Invite partners to participate in your communications.

Ensure you consistently use a range of communication channels to reach all audiences and ensure your message resonates with the broadest range of stakeholders.

Additional Materials to Support the launch CSE

Case Studies

CSR Case Studies Ireland

CSE Case Studies


Profit’s not always the point – Harish Manwani – Ted Talk

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