About CSELab

About CSELab

Who is it for?

  • Organisations (public, private and third sector); 
  • Educators (teachers at all education levels, consultants, trainers, change agents, skills developers and competency builders);
  • Learners (of all ages, undergraduates, postgraduates, employees (operatives, professionals, middle management, senior management and executives)
  • Entrepreneurs (individual, team, social, corporate as well as intrapreneurs)


CSELab provides a learning journey as well as a knowledge exchange and meeting point to develop CSE skills and competences and to engage with professionals and experts in the field on how to promote and implement CSE initiatives in practice. Are you interested? Do you want to learn more about CSE and how to implement it? Will be updated soon!

Organisations: so that they can effectively transition to CSE; and adopt it as ‚a way of doing business‘ so that all staff in any given organization are fully aware of their role, responsibility, and contribution to the sustainable socioeconomic enhancement of their organizations and the communities in which they live and work.

Educators: so that they can impart CSE knowledge, skills and techniques to young students, undergraduates, and postgraduates and to employees at all levels in organisations so that they can contribute effectively to the profitability and sustainability of the organisations within which they work and the communities within which they live.

Learners: learners of all categories so that they can be empowered to learn and acquire the skills, techniques, knowledge, and competences of CSE enabling them to be responsible citizens and contribute to continuous sustainable socioeconomic enhancement of their organisations and the communities in which they live and work.

Entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs: so that they can empower their enterprises, employees, and work colleagues to more effectively contribute to sustainable growth and socioeconomic development of the communities in which they are based.

How to use CSELab

CSELab is both a learning and a knowledge portal. Regardless of your current role you can access CSE learning material, case studies, tools and templates that will assist you to learn about and apply CSE. You can also engage with the CSE community by (after applying for and receiving your login details) providing new CSE material and taking part in on-line discussions. You can also access the CSE library and contribute to the library.

Use the following tabs to access the CSE curriculum, CSE Case Studies, CSE Testimonials, CSE Library and general information about CSE.

The following tabs are password protected: CSE Community Forum, CSE on-line discussions, and to Upload material.  To get your password and acceptance to be a member of the CSE community and access these facilities, please “click HERE”.

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